High Hazard Dam Rehabilitation Grant DEC01-HHD-2020-00001

The DEC has made available grant money to be used specifically for dam rehabilitation design. FEMA required a cooperation agreement with the town that was completed in October 2020. The DEC Dam Safety Coordinator has indicated that the main concern is the spillway being inadequate. Although we had a grant team in place to develop the grant proposal, the Board of Directors determined to hire CTMale, our engineering company's grant writer to complete the grant application, to maximize the probability of success . A decision should is expected by mid-August. If approved GLCA should be in a good position to apply for subsequent grants for construction. The grant requires a 35% (about $43,600) match by GLCA. The initial product will be the development of 5 concepts that will be reviewed by the Town, DEC and us. After selection of the best concept, that concept will be brought to 75% design plans to develop a cost estimate for the overall project . Development of final plans, specifications and permitting will most likely only be done if we are awarded a sufficient grant.

Anne Bernat, the President of the Board of Directors of the Garnet Lake Conservation Association, (GLCA), has just announced that GLCA received the full requested grant amount of $80,000 from NYS DEC!

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