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Happy New Year!

A HUGE THANK YOU to Sandy and Greg Bruschi for their recent significant donation to our Save the Lake Campaign!!

And another round of THANK YOU’s to all who have given and those that have given more than once! Our fund has now risen to over $800,000! An amazing feat because of the generosity of the people here at Garnet Lake. You all can not be thanked enough!

Attached is the latest donor grid for your viewing pleasure 🤩


September 23, 2022

July 15th, 2023

May 15th, 2022

Status board before the Update and Recognition meeting

GLCA Update and Donor Recognition

In Person 4PM at the home of Anne Bernat, GLCA President

159 Garnet Lake Road

Join Zoom meeting : March 20th 4:30 PM


Garnet Lake Conservation Association Year End Report 2021

2021 has been a banner year for GLCA!

After spending the last several years readying GLCA for grant funding, 2021 can be considered the year of success.  This past April, the New York State DEC published their request for grant applications for high hazard dam design work. This necessitated the GLCA Board of Directors to approve the expense of hiring C.T. Male to help GLCA submit our grant application for design recommendations. This was submitted on June 18. On November 2, GLCA received notice that we were awarded our entire ask of $80,000!  Due to the foresight of past GLCA leaders along with the annual owner dam assessment payments from residents, our match for the grant of $43,600 is available.

We have been working collaboratively and cooperatively with the Town of Johnsburg Supervisor and Town Board throughout this year. We recently learned that the town plans to contribute $15,000 towards the dam/bridge/road design work. Also, on December 7, GLCA presented the “SAVE THE LAKE” campaign to the Town Board at their monthly meeting. This was met with a very positive response from the Board and attendees.

A GLCA Fundraising Committee was formed and started meeting in August after our annual meeting.  Their efforts have exceeded expectations.  The “SAVE THE LAKE” campaign went public the beginning of November.  Since then there have been 46 donors with a grand total of $638768.33 donated!  100% of the GLCA Board of Directors have given or pledged a donation to the campaign.  The Fundraising Committee continues to meet to plan further fundraising activities.  Be on the lookout for a “Garnet Lake Garage Sale” and a “Dancing on the Dam” fun evening!

GLCA would like to thank Barbara Wolfe for her early and decisive Diamond Level contribution. This will allow us to qualify now for a possible 2022 construction grant if available.

Our own resident of Garnet Lake, Candace O’Conner, has written a history of Garnet Lake.  The book is currently being designed and we hope it will be published in the first quarter of 2022.  The GLCA Board of Directors has agreed to supply some financial aid to support this publishing effort.

We welcome you to join the effort to “SAVE THE LAKE”. 100% of your donation will go to the “SAVE THE LAKE” account. Visit our website at for information, or send a donation to:


P.O.Box 52

Johnsburg, NY 12843

Please consult your own tax consultant for your individual impact for 2021.

G.L.C.A. Must share some explosive news!


We have received our first diamond level donation which qualifies towards the NAME THE DAM CONTEST!

We also want to announce that 100% of the Garnet Lake Association’s Board of Directors have either donated or pledged at this time.

If you have been following the monetary grid updates on NextDoor, Facebook or the campaign status board on the website, you will see that we have met another important milestone towards our “Save the Lake” campaign. If you have already donated, of course we thank you! If not, we encourage you to do so. If you have any questions please see the “SAVE THE LAKE” materials sent to you, visit the website, or contact Anne Bernat, G.L.C.A.Board President. Her email is:

Here is 12/03/21

Tremendous support in the last two weeks! Thank you everyone.

Here is where our campaign stands just 2 weeks after the official beginning.