Board of Directors

Anne Bernat – President

Joe and I had vacationed at the Parker’s cabins for many years before we purchased 159 Garnet Lake Rd. in 2014. In 2016, I became treasurer and worked towards increasing membership, recognition of GLCA as a 501(c)3 organization and compliance with federal and state tax laws and NYS charities requirements. In 2018, we became full time residents. In 2019, I became President of GLCA. Since then I have worked to develop collaborative relationships with various stakeholders. With the help of many we have developed and implemented a cooperation agreement with the Town of Johnsburg for maintenance of the dam/bridge/road complex for the next 50 years. We applied and have been approved by the NYS Grants Gateway to be eligible to apply for NYS grants. This June our first grant application was submitted to the DEC for high hazard dam rehabilitation design work. Future goals include increasing participation in GLCA, continued collaboration with stakeholders to find a long-term solution to our dam deficiencies, and development of a fundraising strategy to support the implementation of a dam remediation plan.

Roy Keats - Vice President

Sue and I bought our property on Garnet Lake in 1983. We spent as much time as possible here with our children at all times of year. It was and still is our favorite place. Since 1983 some of my responsibilities have been:

• Chair (1985-1987) this was during the tumultuous years leading up to installing the Auxiliary Spillway in 1989

Dam Committee member (2006-present) - Chair or Co-chair since 2015.

Director (2008-2018)

Responding to DEC Biennial Inspections of Dam (2016 and 2018)

Vice President (2018-2020)

Updating our Emergency Action Plan Annually (2014-present)

• Helping monitor for invasive plant species in Garnet Lake and Japanese Knotweed in the Garnet Lake Watershed since 2009

Ben Friedel - Vice President

I first came to the Lake in the late 1970’s after meeting my now wife Diana Borden. I knew I had fallen in love with a wonderful woman, but I did not realize that marriage to her came with access to this beautiful place. We have lived in Oneonta, NY since 1984, where I practice family medicine, so we are able to come to the Lake frequently every summer. I am new to the GLCA leadership, but I have served on several public and private Boards for the past 35 years.

Diane Burgess – Treasurer

John and I (and later our 3 kids) have been coming to Garnet Lake since the late 1970s as guests of the Wolfes and in 1997, we built our house on property subdivided from the Wolfes (on the “road” past the Lodge!). Since I retired from being an IT Program Manager, I've enjoyed more time at the lake and getting to know more of our neighbors. Our 3 children have enjoyed time at the lake since they were small and our 5 grandkids now look forward to their time at the lake. I've performed the GLCA financial audit in the past and served as Treasurer for the past 2 years. I love everything Garnet Lake has to offer in all seasons; it truly is a special place!

Judy Thomson - Secretary

Steve and I bought our place at 31 Cross Road on the west side of Garnet Lake in 2014 and have been increasing the time spent at the lake every year. This past year we were here about 80 percent of the time. I retired from New York State government after working in many areas of public administration and human resources. I have served on several boards for 30 years. I have been secretary to GLCA since 2015.

I enjoy kayaking, canoeing and swimming at the lake and hiking, skiing and snowshoeing nearby. The Adirondacks and Garnet Lake are truly special places.

Stephanie Lange - Director

David, Brad, Sandy Lange and I purchased 189 Garnet Lake Road in August of 2001... just before 9-11. Our new home upstate provided much respite post 9-11. We have enjoyed our home and sharing it with our family and friends for almost 20 years. Brad and I hail from Long Island, NY and have two grown children; LTJG Morgan Lange serving in the US Navy as a nuclear division officer currently stationed on the USS John Stennis out of Norfolk, VA and Tommy Lange currently working in Maryland for TTI and selling Milwaukee and Ryobi Tools.

Phillip Fuller - Director

In the summer of 2014 my wife & I purchased 129 Garnet Lake Road. We work and live in New York City and were looking for a second home for our family of 4 to escape the confinement of the city. The proximity to Gore Mountain and Garnet Lake immediately sold us on buying our beautiful home. My background is in engineering; specifically in acoustics & technology. My main daytime occupation is Chief Audio Engineer at a large post production facility, Postworks-Technicolor NYC, located in our West Village NYC neighborhood. At this position, I design, build,

maintain, and manage over 12 audio studios, 6 theaters, and an audio staff of 20 individuals. I am also part of a number of startups. I am VP of Engineering & Technology for Bongiovi Acoustics, an audio solutions software company where I hold a couple of world wide issued patents for audio technology. I also hold the position of CTO for Hearlabs, a new startup designing consumer audio enhancement products that we hope to bring to market next year.

Alan Walters - Director

My father-in-law, Louis Bova of 22 Ross Mountain Road, has ties to Garnet Lake for over 70 years and has owned his camp for over 50 years. He bought the hunting cabin from Lester Ross himself. I've been coming up here since my teens when I started dating my wife Christine. That’s over 35 years and our daughter Rylee has been coming to the lake her whole life.

We recently bought 142 Garnet Lake Road from Bob Fay with my brothers-in-law Jeff and Lou. We have been putting in lots of long weekends renovating and rehabbing the camp. So it's safe to say I plan on being around Garnet Lake until we pass it on to the next generation.

Paul Beer – Director

We have been coming to the lake from Albany since 1996 when we purchased the “Blue House” at 215 Garnet Lake Road. In 2006 we purchased the “Scotts Cottage” at 219 Garnet Lake Road. I am a retired retinal surgeon and Professor of Ophthalmology at Albany Medical College. In addition to practicing medicine I have founded and presided over a nonprofit research foundation and started a small biotech company, Z Lens LLC, which had a successful exit in 2020. I am fully retired and spend the cold months in Saint Petersburg, Florida.

Bob Manning – Director

Tomoko and I have lived in the white house by the dam full time since 1997. During that time my activities with the Garnet Lake Civic (now Conservation) Association have been:

· Vice Chair (2 years)

· Chair (2 years)

· Dam Committee member (14 years)

· Lake sample taker (20 years)

· Water invasive plants monitor (5? years)

· Knotweed control coordinator (9 years)

· Auxiliary spillway overflow monitor and incident report submitter (12 years)

· Unofficial photographer (21 years)

Bob Wiltenburg – Director

I retired several years ago from Washington University in St. Louis where I was an English professor and dean. I have been coming to the lake since I was 10 years old (1957) and have owned a place here since 2004 and built a new place in 2018. I particularly enjoy boating—canoe, kayak, sailing. And, of course, lawn mowing! I look forward to working with such a great group of people on GLCA business.